Help with diabetes

Please note that our contact number has changed to 07851 373 053

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a small charitable organisation and our group consists of people who have to live with and manage their diabetes for the rest of their lives and have to cope with their day to day problems.

We are supported by the "Diabetes Team" at the University Hospital of Hartlepool which includes Doctors, Nurses, Dieticians and Podiatrists who attend and speak at our meetings on a regular basis to discuss all aspects of diabetes.

Although we are not medically qualified, we can offer general help and advice and how to obtain more specialist information from the health care professionals. We also try to keep you up to date with new products and developments which make our life easier such as new medications and blood testing equipment.

We can supply a wide range of diabetes related literature and healthy eating recipes.
Above all, we are a busy, friendly and social able group.

We raise money to fund our group through tombola’s and raffles, and donations from the public. As well as local businesses. We also raise money to purchase equipment for the diabetes team at the hospital. Our group welcomes anyone from the Hartlepool and East Durham Area.

If you would like to invite a friend, neighbour or family member to accompany you to the meetings by all means do so. Refreshments are provided.

If you cannot attend any of the meetings you can also get information by using the Hartlepool Diabetes Group contact page on this website.

For further information please ring:

Denice O’Rourke - Chair Person Tel: 07851 373 053
Hayley Hakannsson - Group Facilitator Tel: 07818 132 671